Buffs not being shared with tribalist griffons

What I’ve encountered is having a team of griffons, including the griffon dreamfinder which shares buffs across all griffons when they receive them. I am also a tribalist with the perk that gives my creatures a buff for each of the same race at the start of combat (Battalion). However, when the battle starts, my griffons do not share their buffs, and just have their own buffs. I assumed they would all share, but it seems like they do not.
As a note, I’m not sure if this is a bug or simply how the timeline works, but it seems like a synergy that should work.

Version: 0.8.10
Platform: Windows

Check the Codex under Combat > Start of Battle. Triggers like buff-sharing Griffon do not trigger until after the part of battle-start that applies the Tribalist buffs. What you’re experiencing is intended behavior.

To clarify, the Tribalist buffs apply in part 3, but the Griffon trigger would not apply except to buffs gained after part 6.