Bug?: Animator's Corpse Explosion no longer deals damage

I’m guessing this has something to do with the speed stat fix earlier in the week; however, it seems counterintuitive that I should have to stack int for this perk to deal damage. The perk would make more sense if it dealt damage based upon whatever damage triggered the death. Otherwise, that perk is essentially just giving your animatus a passive spell gem. I see no other perks, other than the number of spell gems increase that would incentivize me to go with a spellcaster build for this class.

I am playing the Animator and it’s a very interesting specialization. It really does not incentivize you towards ANY specific strategy, it allows you to just clump whatever creatures you want together with one big tough guy leading them all. Spells can be very powerful if you invest in them. I was using the starter gem death blossom on my animatus for a long time with great success.

I just tested the Corpse Explosion perk myself now, and it seems to be doing damage as expected. The nice thing about it is that if you kill one monster, the corpse explosion might kill another, which will trigger it again, so it makes a nice chain reaction.

In fact, I’d argue that the Corpse Explosion perk alone is sufficient incentivization to go with a spellcaster build, as there are no animator perks at all that encourage an attack build. However, I’m sure you could do whatever build you want with an Animatus. He’s basically just a big stat blob with equal stats across the board (ignoring whatever personality it has, but that can be changed too.)

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Right, but once you hit realm 150~ it stops doing damage because it’s based on int. Unless you heavily invest in a spellcasting build it won’t be effective. Right now it hits big fat 0s everytime an enemy dies so really it’s doing nothing and delaying my battles.

Respec your mage and don’t choose corpse explosion. It is worth like what 100 points? Not a fix but will get your time back till you or the game gets it working.

Unfortunately I don’ think that’s a bug, just not strong enough to deal damage. I love the idea of Animator, but because of perks like that corpse explosion one the turns just took far too long to complete.

I had the trait that auto-revives your creatures when they’re killed by an ally, and when an Imling died I had setup my Animatus to gain 100% attack, 50% speed, 50% of the dead creature’s stats, and attack random enemies 10+ times. So to make the most of this I had the Dark Ritual (Target creature is killed, and the caster gains all its buffs and 100% of its Attack and Speed.) spell gem on all of my creatures and they just cast it on an ally Imling each turn to trigger the Animatus’ attacks.

Worth noting Imlings have high int, so my Animatus’ corpse explosion was quite strong after just 1-2 Dark Rituals. The strategy was effective, but waiting 30 seconds for the actions to resolve every turn was no good, it also didn’t help that I chose to use Apocranox’s relic on my Animatus so I also had to watch and wait for 10+ attack from my Animatus, 20+ attacks from the relic and ~30 corpse explosions to resolve each turn, even if the enemies were already dead.

Switched specializations and now each combat is over in seconds, kind of a bummer because I put a lot of thought into my Animator, but oh well. If we ever get something like a button to immediately resolve the turn I’d love to revisit my Animator.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention, another issue I had with Animator was that it felt like every combination of realm properties had something the basically removed one of the Animator perks, which is particularly bad for animator because many of those perks steal from your other creatures, so you’re often left with the drawbacks without the benefits.