Bug : Bloody Ossein Trait

Windows/Steam Version 0.4.5

Have an Ebony Ent fused with a Bloody Ossein.

The Bloody Ossein enables each creature to equip extra spell gems.
In particular, the Bloody Ossein allows my Wall Giant to equip extra spell gems.

Scenario : Bloody Ossein trait gets disabled in combat [e.g. Creature dies]

Behaivor: At the start of the Wall Giant’s next turn, all of its extra spell gems get unequipped
End of fight, Wall Giant gems remain unequipped
Only way to re-equip the Wall Giant’s extra spell gems is to return to Siralim

Expected Behaivor:
Something that happens in combat should not force a trip back to Siralim to fix the problem.
Gems that were equipped at the start of the fight should still be equipped after the fight no matter what happens in combat

Thanks for the info! I’ve found a few related bugs that seem to be the cause of a few players’ spell gems being unequipped or even deleted entirely. I’ll try to get this fixed ASAP.