Bug(?): Can't complete divination candle

I’m not sure if this is a case of incredible bad luck, but I’m missing one component for the divination candle. I’ve been farming for hours, even going as far as only having it as my only active project with no luck whatsoever to find the last ingredients (an emerald, I have 2/3). I see users have managed to craft it, so the problem might definitely be on my side. I started 2 new projects (refinery and 4th forge upgrade), and I’ve been finding components for them just fine, so I’m not too sure what’s going on.

Pretty sure this is just bad luck. I added bad luck protection to most items in a recent patch, but not to the items you’re talking about. I’m going to extend the bad luck protection to all items in the next patch. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks a lot for the fast response! I actually just got the last item I needed - ask and you shall receive, I guess! Luckily I do love grinding, which is why I picked up Siralim 3 in the first place (and supported Ultimate!) Great job, I love it!