[bug] Coast Watcher's trait "Baffle" and casting spells automatically

  1. platform - windows
  2. version - 0.5.8
  3. how:

Baffle reads: This creature deals extra damage equal to the amount of Intelligence it has greater than its target.
Until the End reads: When your creatures die, they cast one of their spells at random. This trait does not stack.

I have Fire Salamander’s trait “Until the End” triggering random spells from my Coast Watcher on death. My Coast Watcher has 2280 intelligence, the enemy has 634.
As spells trigger, they are not receiving this difference as extra damage. Through this situation of casting a spell on death, Death Blossom on my Coast watcher did 17 damage on hit to this enemy. When cast manually on Coast Watcher, Death Blossom did a bit over 800 on the first hit, then over 2000 on the second hit which killed the enemy.

Given the intelligence difference of 1646:

  1. casting automatically, Coast Watcher appears to not interact with its own trait
  2. that manual casting’s first hit of 800 doesn’t make sense with this INT difference. Is there an interaction or calculation that isn’t apparent?

I am specifically observing this on spells that hit all enemies. I have not tested on single target spells.


Spells that are cast automatically are a lot less potent than if you had cast them manually.

Seems like the traits in question are functioning correctly, though (I checked them over just to make sure).

Ah, I wasn’t aware spells cast automatically are less potent. That would make sense then. Consider this closed. Thanks!