Bug: could act while Sleeping

My Nix Informer got the Sleep debuff due to the Pox something trait from one of the Lepers that gives me a random debuff, but I could still act afterwards.

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I noticed this happen with my Animatus. He was at the top of the timeline at the start of the fight, something (probably that same leper trait you mentioned) caused all my minions to get a random debuff, his turned out to be sleep, but he was still able to act. I believe it was because he was the first creature to act in the battle and the sleep effect wasn’t applied until after he had ‘started’ his turn.

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I agree with that statement. It might have been his turn before the debuff. Like the Sleeping debuff stops the turn from happening, but does nothing during a turn, so to speak.

I have noticed this as well, though not consistently. During the occurrence, this also seemed to be the case with the frozen status. I am not aware of any traits/factors that would have allowed my creatures to act under either status ailment/circumstance.

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Yeah, I think it’s because these debuffs check for it before the turn starts, and then basically end the turn, but if it happens somewhere after that, like you get a debuff after that check, then you can act because the debuff doesn’t check for it during the turn.

This explains why the debuff works properly the next turn, if it is still there, because then it can check at the correct moment again.