Bug: Disposability Trait (Waspid Worker)

Hello! First time posting, so please let me know if I need to do anything differently when reporting bugs.

I don’t believe the Disposability trait (Your creatures’ buffs persist through death) is functioning correctly, at least to the extent that it is the second trait after fusion. I have not tested this on the original creature alone (Waspid Worker).

The trait is currently on a fused Waspid Slicer as a secondary trait in my party with my current specialization being Tribalist. Upon death, all buffs seem to be falling off all creatures, including the buffs granted at random at the start of combat for each creature that shares a race with another creature in the party (Tribalist Perk). It could be that this is working as intended for these buffs due to them being free Perk buffs, but I thought it was worth reporting.

Really enjoying the game overall so far - keep up the good work!!

Is the creature with Disposability alive when the other creatures are killed? Traits won’t activate for creatures that are dead in most cases. I tested this trait just now and it appears to be working correctly.

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Gotcha, you’re right! My creature with Disposability is especially fragile so it makes sense that I came to that false conclusion just based on how battles generally go down with that setup.

As a suggestion, you might reword the trait text to say “Your other creatures’ buffs persist through death.” rather than " Your creatures’ buffs persist through death" since the creature itself with Disposability will likely never see the benefit of the trait on its own.

Thanks for responding and looking into this :-).

I completely agree! I’ll change it in the next patch.

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