Bug : Dying in Realm Depth 1

Game Version 0.1.3 (Windows / Steam)

Start game, complete introductory quests and Enter Realm Depth 1
Visit God of the Hunt Statue to complete first Realm Quest
Start first fight
– Note: Two enemies in this fight because Realm Depth 1
Die in first fight
Return to Siralim Castle
Return to Realm Depth 1 using Shrine in Castle

Expected Behavior:
– Two enemies per fight in Realm Depth 1
Observed Behaivor:
– Three enemies per fight in Realm Depth 1

Note: This can create a bad experience for new players, where losing the first fight can actually make the game significantly harder. (Many specializations have trouble winning a 3-enemy fight with only the two starting creatures)

Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to make a change in the next patch that should make the start of the game a little more accessible to all specializations.


Also, taking the randomness away from Unicorn Vivifier is a nice change for reducing early game frustration for new players.

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