Bug-Gameplay-Realm Properties

  • Game version- Version 0.1.9
  • Operating system- Windows
  • No crash
  • Realm properties persisted after restart (Process): Choose Realm Instability 5 because you’re awesome, quickly realize you’re team cannot hit anything, panic spam spells till you beat your first match, grab a chest before save/exit because you deserve it, chest is a Mimic… spend 35+ turns (thank god for being a reaver) till you can nuke it with spell, exit without grabbing corpse. Restart game, go back into level 35 but this time set Realm Instability to level 0… Realm properties still the ones from Instability 5… How is a man supposed to save scum. Complete the Realm quest because you’re awesome (or because the piety candle spawned right next to you) save/exit game. Realm properties no longer there.

I’ve realized that realm properties are the one thing I wish I could turn on and off. They’re definitely causing me more stress than enjoyment.

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