Bug-Graphic-After Menagerie Swap Fused creatures return to normal Color palette

  • 0.1.11
  • Windows
  • No crash
  • Swapped between menagerie groups and the group I pulled out (fused) had returned to normal colors.

I’m not able to reproduce this - are there any specific steps I can follow to make this happen consistently?

Step 1 Deposit all creatures
Step 2 Withdraw all fused creatures
Step 3 swap Fused creatures with menagerie group of fused creatures that are saved in spot 3
Step 4 witness the lack of color palette.

When I swapped my group 3 with my group 4 (also fused) they came with their color palette

However when I swapped back to group 3 they were still showing unfused colors. Hope this helps

Actually it seems like swapping and group of fused for fused causes the palettes to be those of the original creature not fused.