[BUG] Griffin traits not working as expected.


Colony: ‘When one griffin defends they all defend’
If a griffin is defending and defends again it does not trigger traits that trigger ‘on defend’. I’m not sure if this is working as intended or not.

All As One: ‘When your griffins receive a buff they share a copy of that buff for 1 turn’
This might need looking at, when using the trait Shield Aura it would proc and a griffin would gain Shell, then that same griffin would gain shell 6 more times.

Impending Victory: ‘When one of your griffins attacks this griffin attacks a random enemy …’
This was not triggering reliably, I believe it might not be triggering when an attack does 0 damage. Not sure if this is intended, it also might have a crash related which I submitted a seperate thread for.

Edit: Impending Victory was fixed in v 0.2.2, its working as expected now

Version: 2.1

Assault Griffin - Heavy Repercussion ‘At the end of this creature’s turn it has a 5% chance to take another turn for each griffin in the party’
When an Assault Griffin attacks and trigger’s Heavy Repercussion it doesn’t trigger the Griffin Divebomber

Edit: Sometimes this does work, I have no idea why the Divebomber does and doesn’t attack sometimes. Fixed in v0.2.2 Thought it was fixed but its still happening occasionally.

V 0.2.2