Bug: I can still deal critical hits while Death Guard is on the enemy's team

As the title says, Death Guard, which should prevent your creatures from getting hit by critical attacks, is one of the enemies, but I can still deal critical hits. The sound and yellow letters indicate this.

It has happened more often as well, so it’s not this one instance. I have the Hell Knight specialization, in case that is important.

This is at version 0.1.20.

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This is intended, but the description is worded poorly for this trait. It’s not supposed to prevent critical damage from occurring, but instead ensures creatures don’t take extra damage as a result of critical damage. That’s a bit confusing, so here’s what I’m going to re-word the trait to say:

Your creatures no longer take additional damage from Critical damage.

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Ah, so the effects that trigger when you make a critical hit can still trigger, you just don’t take additional damage, like it is a regular attack?

Yeah, that wording makes sense to me :slight_smile:


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