bug - infinite loop debuff occurring

On two occasions upon engaging in the first battle of a new itherian realm i enter recently, i have encountered an infinite loop of two debuffs applying that never stops and i have to close the game. Of the 80hrs i’ve played this has only occurred in the itherian realm and i’ve used about 10-15 sigils. My team has the traits stricken and here to die, what sometimes has happened is stricken applies a poison debuff at the start of battle and then here to die applies snare, instead of continuing the rest of the debuffs from stricken it keeps applying poison/snare/poison/snare to one creature ad infinitum, the game doesn’t crash it just keeps applying those two debuffs.
i haven’t seen the infinite bug happen when i cast defile and it applies poison/snare to all enemies, and i’ve done that a million times all through the game, only at the start of battle from stricken and only in the itherian realm.

I’m playing on Windows 7 and game version 0.5.7

Thanks for the info!