[Bug] Intermittent Menu Movements on Controller

I am using a standard XBox wired controller with Siralim and have noticed an intermittent issue that I’ve confirmed with the chat is happening with at least one other person. At random intervals - and always in combat - the game acts as though I am holding down or up on the control stick/pad, scrolling through the various options. I can wiggle the joystick a few times to fix the problem, but it seems to happen at least once each realm. I’ve noticed that, with Siralim 2 open, I can press the keys on the controller and it will input text on in a text box, so I’m wondering if this problem has something to do with how the controller is assigned in the game.

I have the same bug using an xbox 1 elite controller wired on windows 10 64 bit and with steam version 1.05 of the game with turbo mode activated.
The combat often start with the xbox one down or up key pressed locked down and i have to press that key again to remove that lock. If i dont pay attention and just quickly press the a button to validate my default combat command i will often end up with a command i didnt want to use.

Same issue here. XBox 360 wired controller. I thought it was my controller messing up at first. Glad I found this post and I know my controller is okay now.

I do the same thing too. Mash that button to attack as fast as possible but suddenly I’ve got creatures defending, provoking, and just outright fleeing the battle.

The problem is gone for me with patch 1.06 thank you for the fix.

Excellent! Thanks for the confirmation!