Bug - Invisible monster packs

  1. No Crash

  2. Walking around on various realms, with no creature groups anywhere near my group, every once in a while (I’ve seen it as many as 3 times in one realm) I will suddenly get attacked. No creature was visible on the map, nothing could be hiding (I was in open), no objects within 2 spaces, and not just out of a previous fight. Then bam - in a new fight.

Possibly related is the observance of monsters walking around in the walls (I’ve seen this many times) - but I didn’t notice any on the same levels where I get invisible monsters

  1. Windows 7

  2. version 1.1.1 (the latest release of that version number)

  3. No specific steps to make it occur - it seems to just happen randomly.

I do have Impatience, Nervousness, Shortsighted and Torment turned on. Note that the lead monster in the attackers is not hidden (appears normally, not as a ?).

I’ve noticed this happen a few times. I’ve always chalked it up either my phone’s small screen or an intended effect of Shortsighted. I also have it on.

I also see it happen without shortsighted, so thats probably not it…