Bug: iOS: God Shop Auto Purchase with on screen controls

When I access a God Shop (tried 4080 and Azural), the UI attempts to purchase the first item in the list. I assume the A button press to enter the God Shop is either not being cleared or is being retriggered for some reason.

Let me know if I can help debug this.

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I’m also finding the same issue when in decoration mode - attempt to interact with a placed decoration and often it’ll be picked up as if you pressed A twice (resulting in total decoration reset if you accidentally pIck up Everett!).

Playing on iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) running iPadOS 15.3.1, Siralim Ultimate version 1.0.5.


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I see the same in both God Shop and Gambling Dwarf shops. I have so many God Shop chairs and bottles of grenale! For what it’s worth, I have only seen it on my iPhone 13 and not on my 7th gen iPad so far, but I play 90% of the time on the phone. Will update if I see it on the iPad. I know there’s currently something kooky going on with the 12s and 13s not matching the development environment, reaching out to the Lost Portal CCG dev could shed some more light on what they’re having to work around.

Can you make sure you’re fully updated? This was fixed a few days ago in a patch.

On the last iOS version I’m no longer seeing this on my iPhone 13 mini. Thanks for the fix!