Bug: Lightning Cerberus and Burst of Power

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After extensive testing, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that the Lightning Cerberus trait Burst of Power does not work. I have been using a Lightning Cerberus for sometime and the only spell gems that have ever Cast on Hit successfully were those that had the Cast on Hit trait rolled on them. To help confirm, I took a bit of data to help track proc rates. The data follows.

Spell Gems:

Chaos Channeling
Panic Attack (12% Chance to Cast on Hit)

Total Number of Attacks: 30

Number of Cast On Hit Procs per Spell
Chaos Channeling: 0 (0%)
Panic Attack: 10 (33%)
Volcano: 0 (0%)

(1) I did not count attacks that killed the last enemy while gathering data (I don’t think those would proc Cast on Hit anyways)
(2) The 30% activation of Panic Attack is quite a bit higher than what you would expect from the Chance on Hit alone; however, 30 is a fairly small sample so this could be chance. It seems possible though that Burst of Power only works on Spell Gems with Chance on Hit instead of those that CAN have Cast on Hit like stated in the description.

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I play on Windows 7.

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The game version is 1.1.1