Bug List - 8/14

Putting a few bugs in at a time that I come across.

Long Live: Bonus damage from fatigue will bypass attack immunity below 50% HP, although the amount that gets through is miniscule (if infinitely scaling).

Rampart: If fused or given to your Animatus without it being inherent, it will not apply it’s stats to anything, making it do nothing. This might apply to all battle start traits with an Animatus.

Summon Death: Apparently the enemy will prioritize casting this buff over everything else, they stole my spell gems and did it before anything else thus giving me a free turn. It made things way, way easier. Might be other spells with this behavior.

Darkness Surrounding / Gluttony - One of these does not apply to a creature when they get ress’d. (A big deal when you are using Woe and it loses all the punch after one boom) 90% sure it is Darkness Surrounding.

Thanks for the reports!

Darkness Surrounding and Gluttony would both be working correctly in the case you described. Creatures lose their stat bonuses/modifications when they die.