Bug: Lost 8 pages of spell gems

1: Grind all spell gems, note the saving game message at bottom
2: Close game window with the Windows [ x ] (not the exit and save option).
3: Restart app
4: Note the lack of items gained from spell gem grinding.

I’m assuming the save happens after the gems are ground but before the rewards are given. So, should you choose to end your gaming session at this time, like I did last night, you’re in for a very unpleasant surprise when you resume your game.

Side note: I did this mass gem grind because I decided I wanted a generous trait on a single spell. 8 pages of gems gave 4 topazes. I went to sleep last night really disappointed before waking to this bug. Designing a single gem should not be nearly this difficult. it discourages creativity and misses the mark of ‘fun’, imo.

I was expecting that I could grind generous gems to get generous dust. My suggestion is that all gems give 4 dust. 1 dust for morphing to the class of ground gem the other 3 being either the dust of the existing trait or, if empty, random dust (excluding the morph to class ones since 1 of those are already given). This would make all gems equally valuable for grinding and allow the player to scour merchants for the correct gems.

Other side note, I was a fan of 2 and am enjoying 3. Great work, thanks for making these.