Bug - Macro testing next line quits too early

This bug causes a macro to quit early and the monster to end their turn without doing anything.

This can be reproduced using the ‘test next line’ macro option. If the test is successful, the macro quits rather than continuing to actually test the next line.

Macro History Log

Current Line (6): If enemy (2) has > 60% health, test next line 
Testing specific enemy. slot 2. name: noxious smog
Testing the condition now...
At least one creature on one side must match the condition
Condition check passed
Line in a chain passed, now how about the next lines(s)?
Macro line was executed, so skip testing of remaining lines.

At this point the Vivifier’s turn just ends without any action taken.

I can test some other scenarios if helpful, or provide more context.

Super enjoying the game so far, cheers!

Thanks for the report!

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