Bug: Masochist Freak's Redefined trait not working

Redefined states: Your creature’s traits and other effects that are influenced by the number of buffs they have also count their debuffs as well, AND vice versa.

I have two other masochists in my team, one that makes it so I have a 20% chance to dodge and deal Critical damage for each debuff I have and one where your creature deal 40% more damage for each debuff they have. Redefined should make it so these effects apply to my buffs as well.

As I was playing Warden I pretty much have all the buffs the game has to offer most of the time. However I was barely doing any Critical hits or dodging at all leading me to think I wasn’t getting the damage boost form my other masochist.

After a few realms I am 99.99% sure that Redefined is bugged and I would really like if this trait could be fixed please and thank you!

Edit: the game version is also 0.11.5
Edit2: Running windows to play the game.

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