Bug: Mutated Pulse Bat's trait does not trigger while Dawn Crusader has attacked

I have the Mutated Pulse Bat in my party that deals damage to all enemies based on its Speed whenever an ally attacks, which works fine except for when Dawn Crusader attacks. This most likely has to do with the fact that Dawn Crusader defends at the end of its turn. Perhaps the game sees it as Dawn Crusader defending rather than attacking because that is the last action it does?

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On second observation, Mutated Pulse Bat’s trait might also not trigger when an enemy dies, but shouldn’t it still deal damage to the other enemies then, since that is its trait?

EDIT: it sometimes also doesn’t seem to trigger when the creature is still alive, but only with Dawn Crusader.

Is the Dawn Crusader causing damage? On-attack effects don’t occur if your creature deals 0 damage.

Yes, the Dawn Crusader deals damage. It also happens with other creatures as well. I’ve built a team around Mutated Pulse Bat, and it’s quite inconsistent when it triggers. I’m not counting the times the enemies dodge or my creatures don’t deal damage, but even when they do damage the enemy with an attack, the Mutated Pulse Bat’s trait simply doesn’t always trigger.

Same with the Wisps when they take damage. But I’ve made another post about that.