Bug: opponent's Hemomancer traits seem to affect my creatures instead

When I was fighting against Hemomancer groups in the Titan’s Wound during story, I noticed that the traits like Heartstopper affected my creatures. I did not check if I gained the actual stats, but the game showed me that I got them because the stat increases and trait name showed up at my creatures rather than at the enemy creatures.

It went by too quickly to capture a screenshot of it, but it happened consistently. I haven’t seen the ‘popups’ happen to my opponent, just my creatures. I assume it shouldn’t work that way, right?

Warm regards,

Hi KaaaaasKop,

I think the Hemomancer fixes have been rolled out already as well in a previous patch.

Handy tip for reviewing what happened during a battle: You can open the battle history from the menu, and there’s even a hidden feature where you can copy the whole battle history to clipboard in case you need to report some bugs occurring in battles. Just press “F” when the history screen is open and it will copy everything to clipboard, which you can then copy to pastebin or a text file.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Asp, I will remember this!