Bug or feature? No extra loot from battle difficulty

I don’t know if this is a bug or is intended as part of patch 0.10.6, but i’m not receiving any extra loot from any sources of loot in realms ie. chests/nemises creatures, i get normal loot when looting realms with 1000% treasure bonus and the like

Make sure you are using 10.7, there was a loot table bug in 10.6.

There’s a check that disables item bonuses from the enemy difficulty feature if you have the Heart of Darkness active and you’re able to kill enemies on contact. Maybe that’s what’s happening to you? I just did some testing and it seems to otherwise be working correctly.

However, I don’t think that really makes sense and it’s pretty unintuitive, so I’ll be adjusting that in a patch very soon.

Yes that’s what it was, i did activate the heart of darkness and completely forgot about that passive function, Thank you :slight_smile:
I feel a little silly for finding out that it was the heart of darkness and i had simply forgotten, i haven’t used it in a week :slight_smile:
The heart of darkness and CJ make no mention of this passive function, it was up to my knowledge of reading the forums that i first learned that additional function.
Thank you for all you do :slight_smile: