[Bug]Panic Attack/Cast Twice/Pilwiz Peasant/Ner Rune/Asura Blooddrinker

Two things I noticed with Cast Twice Panic Attack. With Pilwiz on the team, the cast twice will cause his Bleed effect from Flay to apply to 1 target (2 chances) before any attacks are made.

I’m also running with a Asura Blooddrinker. The Thirst For Blood proc’s on crits during Panic Attack, healing creatures whereas my Ner rune (25% damage dealt to bleed targets returned as health) wasn’t proc’ing.

Not sure if they should both be proccing, or neither should be.

The attacks are considered to be done all at the same time, even if you “see” them in a certain order.
So if you have something like Multistrike and apply Bleed to the first attack, you won’t see a Bleed increase for the 2nd attack.

Basically, you need another button press or another trigger that launches an attack to see an increase.

The Ner rune might be a bug, is the target bleeding before Panic Attack?

I may have worded that incorrectly, you see the application (or attempt if creature has bleed it ‘resists’) of bleed at the beginning of the cast of both Panic Attacks, before the attacks themselves are made. So if you have 2 targets without bleed you have a chance of afflicting both with Bleed instead of just 1 (or whiff the second one on the same target) SO it still does bleed for both Pilwiz attacks, just does it at the casting of the spell as opposed to the actual attack animation/damage calculation. The only reason I really mentioned this would be that if the Ner rune were to work properly this would give more opportunity for it to proc (not as if it does a LOT of healing) than it would if the bleed were to apply at Pilwiz attack (which would mean the first bleed would apply during first round of attacks and second would apply second round because it still seems to round robin the attacks, so your party gets one attack each, twice, as opposed to each creature getting 2 consecutive attacks)

And I tested Panic attack and the rune a bit further (had more time after work) And it seems even odder than I originally described. I’m still not getting the Ner rune proc from bleed having been applied by ‘Rain of Blood’ before the Panic Attack, but I AM getting proc’s when my creatures crit with Critical Proc’ng the Len Rune to apply bleed to the target. So Len rune bleeds will allow for Ner rune proc’s on those targets specifically.

And then there are a few rare instances where I have no critical up, all creatures have bleed, and Ner rune proc’s once or twice out of all of the succesfull bleed target attacks.

I’m wondering if maybe the heals aren’t fixed like other heals, where they aren’t showing up for rune proc’s because of creature full health. I’m fairly sure one of my full health creatures received one of those heals, but it was more often proc’ng (when it did) to damaged creatures.

It may also be that it just has proc’s occurring at weird intervals throughout the process. This last attempt at a no Critical rain of blood Panic attack had all of my attacks and then a series of overheals (From Life Mage) occuring multiple times on 1 or 2 creatures (possible from Ner runes)

If the fix to heals showing on full health creatures works for runes, then it’s at the very least not showing enough ner rune proc’s to merit all of the successful bleed target hits (those that show damage).

(These tests were run with turbo mode disabled)

There’s a really good chance that it’s actually working exactly as it is suppose to, but isn’t displaying due to all of the effects being scrunched together amidst attack animations.

Edit: I’m curious if maybe the application of the Bleed to the enemy from Pilwiz isn’t actually occuring at the start, but is happening at his attack ‘turn’. And all attacks before his ‘turn’ are actually against non bleed enemies. Of course that doesn’t answer the Rain of Blood pre application issues.