Bug: PS4- Random Creature Option Changes To Normal Progression

(I use an iPad for everything, so my copy paste doesn’t work reliably. I am trying to at least reproduce the format.)

  1. Bug

  2. I chose random monster progression. The bug occurred after about 5-6 tiers of upgrades where I got one of the early tier regular progression monsters. Slowly (it could have been one by one, each battle) the regular monster progression replaced all the random monsters. I still have the cores and creatures from the randoms that showed up prior to this bug, but they never show up anymore and the creature pool is now exactly the creature pool from the first 6 tiers of the standard game. I have yet to upgrade to tier 7.

That’s what happened, I have no clue how to easily reproduce that.

  1. PS4

  2. Release version (I think 2.4.1).

  3. About the time I purchased the tier 6 upgrade, monster by monster, the random monster progression was replaced with the standard progression. Now it seems I have to play the standard progression, even though I got some really cool monsters from the random progression through the first 5 tiers.

Definitely version 2.4.1, and less mysterious than I thought. The save file actually says no game modes, when it used to say castle mode and random monsters. I definitely have random monsters, I started life and got an Imperial Angel, and I run a hysterical ghoul, abaddon guard, witch doctor necromancer, and Raven Ritualist (which I am relying on). I am currently doing the tier 7 ritual, 5 hours in, but now I am facing the standard progression. I don’t know how the save got switched, is this something I could have done?

Hi, this is a known bug and will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Thanks for all the info, and sorry for any frustration!

Hello, I see patch 2.4.3 is out. Is the random creature option stable in saved games now? Is there a way to revert files that lost this back to “no game modes”?

All reported bugs and crashes were fixed. Unfortunately, one thing that can’t be undone is the loss of game modes. You would have to start a new save file to use those now.