BUG? Random Buffs/Debuffs from artefacts.

I’m playing using the 2.0.1 version for windows.

I have 2 creatures with artefacts, 1x is a twisted devil with the basic sword equipped the other is a Gimp mummy with a helmet equipped, the helmet has a 20% chance to freeze the target. However I keep getting random buffs and debuffs supposedly from artefacts when these two creatures attack.

I’m playing a chaos mage and I first thought it was some skipped text that explained this but I replayed the beginning and I don’t think so.

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Excellent catch with this bug. You must have invested points into the Psychopath perk, which appears to be the cause of this bug. I’ll have this fixed for the next patch. Thanks!

Haha, I’m kind of disappointed it isn’t some kind of intentional Chaos mage inherent ability. :wink:

Yeah, I’m having this bug too :). One of my creatures was like “I’m using taunt to save my friends!” At the time I was thinking thank god but then though “wait a minute… you don’t have that…”. Glad I’m not going mad lol.

OK shame that’s a bug. I thought it was part of the new work on chaos mage. I noticed it mainly with my vivafier, it was kind of exciting until it decided to start the battle with taunt. Lost it quickly on that battle.