Bug - Rebound ENTER, can't name character or play game

So this is really stupid of me. I made a character, then went into the menu to rebind my keys. I like using arrow keys for movement, RIGHTCTRL for confirm, and ENTER for cancel/menu. No problem there, but then I decided I’d go ahead and restart to change my Specialization and Starting Creature. Naturally, I went to start a New Game and chose the same slot.

When asked to provide my name, however, I can’t confirm it, as ENTER is now recognized as a different key. RIGHTCTRL doesn’t work, my other enter button doesn’t work, nothing works. And I can’t change the button layout, because that option menu isn’t available from the Main Menu, only in game. I even changed a different button via the registry, SCROLL LOCK, to act as ENTER, but the game doesn’t recognize that despite it working elsewhere in Windows. Even reinstalling didn’t help.

So now I’m locked out of playing! Should be easy enough to resolve by allowing multiple commands to accept the Name and similar fields, rather than just ENTER. Or maybe by providing a simple Options Menu on the Main Menu. Certainly not the biggest problem to address, but I can’t play the game until it’s resolved.

Cheers, and thanks for all your hard work!

EDIT: I was able to by-pass this by plugging in a controller for the name portion.

Thanks! I’ll fix this in the next patch. You can reset your options in the options menu to fix this temporarily.