[Bug] - Since 1.14

I’m not really sure if it is a bug or just some sort of error on my part but here is what’s going on.

I have a fusion that was kickin ass and takin names up until the 1.14 update and I’m not sure if a move got nerfed or if I’m not noticing something.
I have a Pit Tunneler Worm (PTW) that is fused with another monster so that a) it attacks monsters at the start of their turn and b) when it crits, it has a 75% chance to repeat hit.
I am a Hell Knight, so I have it where my guys attack twice (not sure if this applies in this case, but just in case), and that when they have Savage active, they have 100% chance of a crit hit.
I have another monster in my party that gives all monsters Savage.

Prior to 1.14, my PTW was essentially KOing most monsters before their turn started. However, now it seems like it isn’t attacking enemies on the start of their turn for the most part. When it does, it does the animation multiple times before registering any damage. It is acting really strange.

Also, my monster that is supposed to attack 4 times at 15% damage (Asura something, whatever the Hell Knight starts with) is having a rough time actually doing it (sometimes only attacking once even though my other monsters are attacking twice with my character’s perk).

Additionally, I have been unable to find two components to Projects (the goblet and slot machine) for at least 15 max level victories as well as about 10-20 runs on floors 55-60ish. Not sure if I am just unlucky or there is something going on.

Any help would be great, if you need anything from me (like a save file), I would be happy to oblige.
Overall, great stuff!