[Bug] Something's Wrong With Explosive Armor

Hello, I am trying to build a team around the siege master’s explosive armor perk. I’m using an all golem build, triple casting spectral rain into auto-defense, and using a rift dancer to auto-refresh the barrier after it pops. I am encountering strangely low damage. I think it’s based on class strengths, but it’s having way more impact than makes any sense. In my most recent test, I fought some nephilim. There was a shieldbearer, and they were fused with paragons, so both +50% and -50% damage were active (which I think events out to -25%?). Additionally, there was a less damage taken 42% realm effect (and a less attack damage 70% effect, but surely that shouldn’t matter).

Gold Golem - Death 174.77B barrier, 143k def
Nephilim Lord - Life, 14k def
Nephilim Skirmisher - Life, 12k def
Nephilim Shieldbearer - Life, 20k def
Nephilim Sorceror - Life, 12k def
Nephilim Scion - Life, 8k def

When the barrier popped, all enemies took zero damage. Notably, creatures that didn’t have a class weakness to life were able to do a couple thousand here and there with barriers in the 100s of thousands. It may also be possible that barrier explosion damage is capped on 2x health in a way that the game doesn’t make clear.

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