Bug(?) - Splash Calculations?

I’m only at depth ~400 but I haven’t seen splash do a single point of damage in a really long time, I’m getting all 0’s. Is it possible that Splashing is passing post-defense damage numbers through defense again? Or something like that? Or maybe it’s just that when you cut the pre-defense numbers in half and run them through defense it’s gonna result in a lot of 0’s. Regardless, it makes splashing not great.

I’ve always been a bit confused by splash myself, but usually because many of my splashes deals more damage than the initial attack, haha.
I think part of it might be class weaknesses/strength, and then maybe other bonuses (for example, Division of Mortality), but I’m not really sure, it doesn’t really seem to be too consistent.

There’s a thread from a couple years ago where zack explains that the splashed damage can do more if the other guys have much lower defense or whatever. I think the problem is that defense’s effect on damage is really weird, so if your damage against a target is relatively low (4-figures for my guys) then splash damage can easily consistently hit 0. I think the formula is currently like this:

Splash DMG = (pre-def dmg / 2) → other target’s def

I think it should work like this:

Splash DMG = (pre-def dmg → other target’s def) / 2

Right now I’m driving my build form a bunch of on-damage effects, but splash can’t apply those to more targets because the actual attack damage is rather low.