bug? stat stacking leads to way too much damage

caustic cerberus gives 15% of a stat for each gem it has. you can have multiple on those on a team, get increased slots with a perk, use more traits to give you even more spell gems and suddenly you’re attacking or casting for 5-7 digit damage below level 100. might not be just this creature that’s exploitable but probably the worst offender.

casting equality to check what stats this actually gives you:

Latest patch changed the caustic to only count spell gems that it really has, not temporary ones for the battle. Still maybe shouldnt stack with it self though. Channelling that is

What version of the game are you playing lioness?

the latest one, updated earlier today

I know putting Hail to the King on a Cerberus was counting all the death gems for it. Maybe that’s still counting for Channeling.

Actually, scratch that. Just tested this on my Chaos Mage and Hail to the King is no longer counting as extra spell gems.