[Bug] Suicide chain with one provoke (w/ video)

I’m currently building some kind of “suicide bomb” team and I noticed that sometimes my creatures would kill themselves without any input from me after my first “Provoke” action. I’m actually not sure where this is coming from, but I suspect that using the traits Moon Dance and Cannibalistic Tendencies together have the following effect:

  • I order A to provoke and it dies right away (Cannibalistic Tendencies).
  • B continues A’s second provoke (Moon Dance) and also dies without my input (Cannibalistic Tendencies).
  • C continues B’s provoke (Moon Dance) and dies (Cannibalistic Tendencies)
  • … (continue until it’s the enemy’s turn)

My team is the following (creature + traits):

  • Animatus

    • Brilliant Creation
  • Gravebane Wight

    • Woe (enemies take 50% of max HP when this creature dies)
    • Big Boned (max HP++, rest of the stats min)
  • Gravebane Wight

    • Woe
    • Final Sting (+300% dmg then dies)
  • Terror Wight

    • Dark Embrace (+ bonus stats when ally dies)
    • Reinvigoration (rez a random ally when attacking)
  • Aerum Rift Dancer

    • Moon Dance (provoke twice)
    • Cannibalistic Tendencies (kill ally creatures who use provoke and give buff to others)
  • Ruby Paragon

    • Ruby attunement (+100% HP)

I also made a short video. I only used provoke at 0:05.

What game version are you running? Just checking since I changed a few things that might relate to this in the most recent patch.

I’m at 0.1.9 at the moment!

On a side note, I noticed that my Animatus does not gain a lot of HP when wearing a Helmet (+29HP/+29HP/+29HP). It only went from 768 to 808 at level 65. It also does not seem to gain any extra max HP from Ruby Attunement, as his HP would at least be at ~1.5k HP.

(w/ the following perks enabled: Damnation’s Edge, Death and Decay and Endowment)

Could you please send me your save file so I can try to reproduce this issue?

It’s in c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SiralimUltimate\save and will end in .sav. Please send it to zack@thylacinestudios.com.


Thanks! I’m heading off to bed now but I’ll take a look tomorrow morning and see what I can do.

I’m having this same issue using a team running cannibalistic tendencies and dark embrace, but without moon dance. What I’ve found is that the second member of my team provokes unprompted, but the action menu pops up, and I can break the provoke chain by inputting an action (like attack) and when the buffing phase from cannibalistic tendencies and dark embrace ends, my next monster will do so the attack action I inputted, then I can start taking my turn regularly again.

Upon further review, it seems to start the cascading provokes after the first time I provoke in any fight.