Bug: Valkyrie Scout + Unicorn Consecrator doesn't always heal on retaliation attack

I have a creature that is a Fusion between a Valkyrie Scout as the primary parent and a Unicorn Consecrator (I believe), so that my Valkyrie heals my party every time it attacks, but sometimes during a retaliation attack, it doesn’t activate its healing trait.

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It’s probably trying to heal a creature with full health, so the message just doesn’t show up. I’m going to eventually make details like this more obvious so it’s not as confusing.

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That’s what I thought as well at first, but I watched it closely, there were creatures who weren’t at full health.

The creature is decided at random - it’s not specifically chosen from a pool of creatures that are damaged.

Hmm… I see. Though the Circle of Life trait does say that it heals allies, and that is often what happens; it heals all allies.

I’m confused, lol. So Circle of Life shouldn’t heal all allies then?

But I wonder if it might be a different cause, since right now my attacks go through Shells and it doesn’t trigger Minotaur Warrior’s trait as well. Unless popups don’t pop up for some reason. When that happens, my creatures don’t get healed either.