Bug - Vertraag/Torun sequence breaking

[v0.1.9, Windows]

Think I broke sequence of god encounters around realm 31:

  • First time I attempted to go to Eternity’s End, ended up in the Cutthroat Jungle. (Think that bit’s supposed to happen)
    However, I died before speaking to Torun.
  • Went back to realm 31, and ended up in Eternity’s End, spoke to Vertraag, got the quest ‘The King of Nex’, cleared that realm.
  • On to realm 32, Eternity’s End, where I died again.
  • Went to realm 30 next, which came up as Eternity’s End. Cleared, then on to realm 31.
  • 31 was Eternity’s End again, got the realm quest to find Vertraag’s altar. Spoke to Vertraag - same conversation as the first time I met him.
  • Back to realm 32, Cutthroat Jungle. This time I found Torun without dying, had a conversation (got shouted at…same thing with that dude really), and got the quest to hunt down Imp Impington.

So after speaking to Torun (and actually looking at target realm depths for my quests), I think I should’ve been clearing the Cutthroat Jungle before getting to Eternity’s End. Seems like dying before initially meeting with Torun broke…something and i got spat into Vertraag’s place a bit too soon.

Should probably note that I’ve not used power to choose where I was going. For realm 30, i had the choice but left it at random. Didn’t get a choice for the other noted travels - it’s just where the altar sent me.

Thanks for the details, I’ll take a look!

Bit of an update on this -

Where we left off, at realm 32, I had two quests - The King of Nex (from Vertraag), and Imp Impington (Torun).

  • So onward to realm 33, fight the Imp.
  • Realm 34, had an encounter with Regalis. 35, 36, fight Etta.
  • Then realm 37 and i’m back in Eternity’s End, seemingly at the right point of the story this time!
  • I have my third introductory conversation with Vertraag, and notice my quests have updated. Where previously I had had two quests - The King of Nex, and Torun/Regalis’ things, now both quests are The King of Nex.
    Easy fix, king fight?
  • On to realm 39, King Fight.
    Now my first quest has become travel to Eternity’s End, and the second one involves heading to see Friden.
  • Figure i’ll leave Friden in peace for now. So I jump back to realm 35, pump some power in the shrine, head to Eternity’s End, and speak to Vertraag. He didn’t feel like introducing himself this time, just the usual emblem shop.
  • Back to the castle, and then i noticed realm depth 31 isnt offering free choice of destination, only Eternity’s End…So, to realm depth 31 and…we’re in the Cutthroat Jungle. Hit up Torun, he doesn’t remember who I am, so i get the introductory yelling again.

So now my two quests are Imp Impington, and Destination: Friden’s place.

Guessing if I go through the Jungle and get the Imp again, Regalis is going to have forgotten all about me by the time i get to her. Then i’ll get another introduction to Vertraag (his premonition that i’d be coming gets less impressive every time!). But then after King Fight round 2 both my quests should synch up. And since i’ve not said hi to Friden yet, i can do all the introductions at once and everything will be back to normal?

Going to push through the 30s again and see what happens when I get to Where The Dead Ships Dwell, probably leave another wee update then.

An end to the adventure -

  • After re-meeting Torun, the teleportation shrine didn’t seem to be tied to a particular realm. So at realm depth 32, I had the guy jump out at me in Azure Dream and call me a *@#! for not having got that Imp yet.
  • At 33, I (quite forcefully) reminded Impington that he wasn’t welcome in the Jungle. Back to Siralim to shout at Everett, and re-acquire the quest to head to Eternity’s End.
  • On to realm depth 34, where the shrine spat me out in the Arachnid Nest.
    The quest to go to Eternity’s End disappeared on arrival, to be replaced by a normal realm quest. Cleared that, and figured i’d check in with Regalis, just to be sure she hadn’t forgotten me the way Torun & Vertraag had done.
  • Found Miss Spider, she took me to a dark corner and showed me her…emblem shop. And so everything was right with the world once more.

Noticed after that, that realm depth 41 was accessible through the shrine, despite my never having been to depth 40. Went to 40 next anyway, said hi to Friden, and will be heaading off to the beach once i’ve updated to v0.1.10

As an aside, i quite enjoyed how well that bug fit with the lore… Everett did warn me that getting to Eternity’s End would be tricky. What with jumping between Eternity’s End and the Jungle almost at random, finally getting Vertraag’s help, and then finding myself stuck in a ‘time loop’ and having to go back and redo Torun’s quest… All seemed to fit quite nicely - entertaining, if unintended.