[Bug was proven to merely be extremely unlikely but by design behavior.]

Original subject:
“Gargantuan” trait materials can’t be obtained via Transmute?

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Since they became available as creature types, I’ve been using Transmute to attempt to get a specific Gargantuan trait material. I’ve transmuted literally hundreds of rare materials, but not only have not seen the material I’m looking for, I haven’t seen a single trait material for ANY Gargantuan. I also haven’t seen any of them in any drops nor on any artifacts.

In other words, I’ve never seen a “Tree Trunk” material (i.e. Polished/Haunted/Self-preserving/Mangled/Enormous/Sturdy) or any artifact with one. I’ve seen several instances of EVERY other creature base type that I know for sure is new: Abomination Stiches, Bard Strings, Basilisk Husks, Centaur Tufts, Elf Poems, Nix Masks, Plague Doctor Phylacteries, Salamander Toes, Stag Antlers, and Vulpes Ears, so the odds seem extremely slim that there isn’t a bug here.

Is there a bug where Gargantuan trait materials simply can’t be created through Transmute and/or spawn at all, or am I just THAT unlucky?

Update: Replies have proven that they can at least be obtained via Sigils.

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Windows 10

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I never used the transmute option for farming materials.

I do know they drop.

Although, I got mine though farming sigils and opening LOTS of treasure chests.

I’ll test with sigils in a little bit.

Yup, they drop with sigils.

Thanks for the test, bluequakeralex. I’ve also just confirmed that they do drop with sigils, so I suspect this is an issue specific to transmute.

turns out they do show up from transmuting.
120 or so legendary materials later.

Thanks again. Ok, I’m just THAT unlucky with them.