Bug when creating Nether Egg

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    When the Nether Creator asks if you want to use Demon Dust, if you press cancel(default Q button in Windows) the menu will disappear but now you can’t interact with anything or open your character menu. The only way out of this bug is to talk to the teleport shrine and it will open the Nether Creator menu, asking if I want to use the Demon Dust or not(yes, the Nether Creator menu popped up from the teleport shrine). Only after that you can open your character menu again.

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    The important part is you have to press cancel when being asked to use Demon Dust.

He just really wants you to use that demon dust :).

Well I appreciated his offer but I only have one Demon Dust and I wanna keep it for later haha.

yeah my biggest worry was I would lose all the ingredients.