Bug when encountering two treasure golems at once

A battle started, and I got the “A helpful, caring treasure golem” message, but then the fade-to-black animation played again, I got a different message, and the fight continued as normal. After I brutally butchered, executed, murdered, destroyed, annihilated defeated the first piñata golem, the second was missing. I found at at the top-left square of the map. Completely entombed. Trapped for all eternity. No light, no joy, no hope, only the weight of its sins.

p.s. Zack: I’m not going to stop enjoying killing treasure golems until they stop being made of treasure. You can shatter the 4th wall to a million tiny pieces, then have every god personally spit in my face, and it won’t change a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Best statement ever :slight_smile:

Personally I believe Treasure Golems are the most vicious creatures ever - even more sinister than Misery.
They are immune to all debuffs and have a lot of health but instead of helping their fellow creatures in the realm, they just watch them getting slaughtered. To crown this they just avoid any battle what makes me staying longer in the realm. Staying longer in the realm = more spawns = more slaughter.

Most evil indeed.

It happened again, this time with two non-treasure-golems. There’s 1 just chilling at the top-left of the map now.