bug with auto-revive ability

Bug, ios, no error, 1.0.9.
Using the legendary ability granting 1hp revival after getting killed is bugged. Quite often (4 times the past few hours) an already dead enemy gets to hit after ny revival, and then ends up in a never ending loop, killing my 1hp monster - revived - killed - revived. The already dead monster keeps getting a turn and killing. Forcing me to kill the game and restart. Couple this with the not at all automatic saving the game claims to have i have now spent three hours to manage almost no progression at all in the game.
The non-existent auto-saving should really be explained in the game too unless that too is a bug. It says “Your progress is always saved automatically”, but that is clearly not the case.

Found the problem with the revival issue - this will be fixed ASAP. Thanks for the detailed report! Obviously for now, your best option is to not use that ability.

The game saves each time you enter a new room or dungeon, and when you exit the game. Unfortunately, it won’t save if you use the task manager to quit the game and that’s out of my hands - Apple designed it that way.

In that case there is a bug with saving. I had an artifact ritual finished, went and picked my new relic up, then back to the dungeon, and after a few fights (when the game should have saved a minimum of three times) i got the above mentioned bug. After i ended the game and started again i was at 7.5k out of 10k to finish the artifact that i had just tried out in battle.
Edit: Unless “new” means room just built and never visited before?