Bug with enemy spellcasting

Game: 0.14.2
OS: Windows

Just doing a bug report while still in the fight, to get it most accurate.
Will update with more info as I go.

Yseros Realm, still in story-mode on this save.

Encountered an enemy team of:

Sandstone Imler
Stag Celestial
Pit Wraith Lord
Dragonlair Arachnalisk
Mite Gravedigger (dead)
Volatile Phoenix (dead)

Spell Gems:
Sandstone Imler:
Earth Enchantment
Elemental Barrage (temp)
Empower (temp)

Celestial Stag:
Elemental Barrage (temp)
Empower (temp)
Sacred Ground
True Light

Pit Wrath Lord:
Bone Spear
Elemental Barrage (temp)
Empower (temp)
Soul Harvest

Dragonlair Arachnalisk:
Elemental Barrage (temp)
Empower (temp)
Meteor Shower
Splitting Arrow
Wind Enchantment
Wrath of Nature

Mite Gravedigger:
Elemental Barrage (temp)
Scourge Sorcery
Wild Growth

Volatle Phoenix:
Elemental Barrage
Empower (temp)
Morph: Sorcery
Psionic Blast


Enemies are allowed to spam Elemental Barrage to cast spells even though their health is at 1. They dont loose any mana when casting the spell, so it must be with “cost % life” and “generosity” properties.

So enemies are not restricted as players are. They can use health to cast spells even after they dont have enough health. Thus in my current battle, they keep all creatures permanently scorn and spam away, while my poor solo creature (only one alive) is out of mana and cant attack.

Thanks, fixed for the next patch!