Bug with inspection on my creatures

Hey, my creatures are showing as having 0 attack, 0 intelligence, 1 defense.

I currently have an Abaddon Guard with the traits
-Hell’s Protection
-Fools Axiom
-With an artifact with Hymn of Strength

An Aaxer Apocalypse with the traits
-Urh Harbinger
-Spell Tap
-An artifact with Ultimatum

A Brownie Captain with the traits
-Endurance Aura
-an artifact with Contamination

A Carver Heartseeker with the traits
-An artifact with the trait Warcraft

A flesh abomination with the traits
-Blood Crazed
-An artifact with the trait Goad

A Nix Guardian with the traits
-An artifact with the trait Echolocation

Not sure which of these could be causing the bug, but it doesn’t seem to affect their actual performance.

Thanks for the list of traits! Does this happen in every battle for you?

Every battle with that particular team, yeah.

Just to add another thing, I think the trait that makes Reaver’s immune to debuffs after three rounds might be doing the same thing the Carbunkles’ was where it is blocking buffs as well.

Also, if it helps, I just got a realm where my artifacts aren’t allowed (disarmed) and now I can see my stats, so that should help narrow it down!

Hmm, what happens if you unequip the artifact with the “Warcraft” trait? Does that fix it?

It does!

Great, thanks for the help!

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