Bug with ios purchase

I have a bug with ios purchase. I bought game on my ipad, everything is ok. But when i download game on my iphone and try to syncro games via cloud - it is said that i have to buy game in order to use cloud. How come? I have already bought it on my ipad.

IOs 9.3.2
Game version: 2.3.0

I responded in the shoutbox, but if you didn’t see it:

Zack [08:43 AM]: Hi maxs. If you attempt to purchase the game on your iPhone, Apple will automatically grant the game to you for free as long as both your ipad and iphone are logged in to the same apple account

Yep, i didnt see it at shoutbox.

Thank you, it’s working. I was afraid that i would be charged one more time and didnt buy the game on iphone (at first it showed the same price as when i bought it on ipad and only second screen made it clear).

Anyway, great game! Hope Siralim 2 will be also availible for ios soon =)