Bug with Jester and monster dialog overlap

Hey Zack, found kind of a humorous bug a good while back but since I was traveling for work I didn’t really have time to pursue it. I finally sit down to give it to you today and found out it has evolved since I first took screenshots.

It’s easy to repro on my save (if you need it), I just talk to the Jester from the left and the monster dialog pops up (Commander is in slot 6). The NEW part today is the 4th screenshot I just took where the monster dialog comes back and covers up the costume screen. It’s version 8.10 now but I’m pretty sure it hasn’t updated since I took the first 3 shots or I just didn’t notice. I’m on Win10. No crashes, this just does a thing and when you cancel it’s over until you talk to him from the left again.

Unsure if there’s an environmental element with my stable right there.

Could you please attach your save file or PM it to me so I can see what might be happening here? Thanks for the info/screenshots!