Bug with nether traits leads to spellgems destruction. Help?!

Please if possible can i have spellgems restored? since its like 100 levels from my last cloud save (i do a few times per day).

EDIT: i managed to use ctrl+alt+del so there were no autosave from the sigil, just lost sigil. but gems will get destroyed if its not fixed :stuck_out_tongue:
unless that combo is not legit, would be cool if its fixed, besides no resources for gift of forgetting

Anyway, coolness is:
Ash Cerber, nether, base trait - spell tap
now ok
we add mana bomb though artifact - all was working
now we added derision (autoprovoke on end of turn)
and ta-da- hellblast
that causes him to cast one of his spellgems on provoke and its costs no mana
IT indeed takes a turn
then provokes using mana bomb
then casts its spell
but after that all of his spellgems (all 9 that were equipped) are gone
I thought maybe the problem is i sorta unequipped em or forgot on another creature :stuck_out_tongue:
equipped 2 more gems
bah after cast in combat they are gone (were present, castable by other party memeber before its cast)
after cast they are destroyed :stuck_out_tongue: so like that