Bug with "When hit" gems proc on target of spells.

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    When my creature casts a spell on some targets, the “when hit” gems of the caster proc as though it was hit.(It was not. It was casting a spell hitting another target). I’m not sure if the target needs to be killed for this to happen or not. I’ve seen this 3-4 times since 0.0.2x but it’s not very often since the proc chance is small.

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    0.0.33 as of the last time I saw the bug.

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    It’s kind of hard to reproduce since the proc chances are rather low.
    I speculate it has to do with when hit gems on the target. You can try equipping your caster with a 100% when hit gem and cast it on a target with 100% when hit gem.

Same bug here on version 2.2 but its with my Volcano Spell Gem when it goes off because of the cast when hit effect it hits my party instead of the enemy.

Not able to reproduce this one yet… are you guys sure there isn’t a Wyvern Skystalker on the opposing team when this happens? Its trait has a chance to cast AoE spells like Volcano back on you after you use them.

Pretty sure thats not what happens since none of the enemies got burned. Or damaged via Volcano.

I’m still trying to figure out what exactly happens. As of 0.3.0 it still happens. The target was Sphinx Justicar in Arena, so supposedly he didn’t have any unique trait on his artifact.

Zack, you can try equipping a spell gem with 100% “on hit” and when hit", casting another attack spell on an enemy with also equipped with a spell gem with 100% “on hit” and “when hit”. See what happens.