Bugged ability combination

Bug, steam version:

  1. Used Unchained Djinn: The Flame That Changed The World: Enemies take 50% more damage from burn.
  2. Used Scourge Mummy: Blazefury, to inflict burn on all enemies at the start of battle, it has 510 attack.
  3. Used Flamegrip Clutcher: Ember to Inferno: After attacking a target with Burn, lock the number of Burn stacks to 5 for the rest of the battle.
  4. Used Raging Efreet: Catching Fire: After attacking a target with Burn, remove the debuff and deal the full amount of damage this debuff would have done over the full duration.

Step 3 resulted in my level 1 Raging Efreet dealing 832 000 damage from the Burn applied by my level 98 Scourge Mummy with 510 attack (thats more than 160000% of his attack stat). The Flamegrip Clutcher was also level 1. I have “bolded” what I think the problem is.

Thanks for the detailed report! I’m thinking the best solution is to cap the duration that Catching Fire cares about.

That sounds like the best solution. :slight_smile: