Bugs from Bruin

Is there a preferable method for delivering assorted bugs? Or even an email address?

Below for Siralim 2.0.2 for iOS (iPhone 6, latest version)

  1. When a creature is reincarnated in a new form and extracted from, it says you received the core from the newly reincarnated form. If memory serves it properly showed the normal creature form in the previous version? In any case, I don’t get the core for the reincarnated form.

  2. Lich Hellcaster’s ability reads 50% in description text and 30% upon activation in battle.

  3. I completed daily quest 4 and don’t recall seeing any special rewards. I checked for major sigils just in case that was the reward given I received minor sigils for 3.

  4. Minor Sigil. Wandering unicorn supports ‘Diabolic Spectator’ cause, resurrecting it. I don’t think it was a Diabolic Spectator when I killed it? I killed it again as the last enemy and the death message came up but creature remained on screen. Delay between each end battle message but battle concluded.

  5. The statue perk ‘start each battle with a random buff’ does not seem to work.

  6. Potion. I thought it read ‘your creature start battles with Splash’. “Cool! Imma kill Sigils,” I thought to myself. Loaded up a Sigil and game crashed. I thought I had a screenshot for this, but it appears to be missing.

  1. Graphics distortion in 2.0.2 iOS latest version iOS on iPhone 6. Only present at 2x scale. The ‘tears’ remain in place as you move around and may look different in realms.

I did see a note here about graphics issues, but I don’t have that menu option in iOS?

  1. Some creature attacking crashes. I’ve encountered the ‘creature attacking’ crashes a few times. A few I didn’t save because the message appeared to be a duplicate. May or may not happen after a turn spent provoking.

  2. A crash on using a Pandemonium Token.

Reporting bugs just the way you did is completely fine :slight_smile: Thanks!

  1. Good catch, I’ll fix that.

  2. Fixed in 2.0.6 (well, the ability is revamped entirely) which is already submitted and pending on the App Store.

  3. Are you sure you didn’t receive any resources? That’s the reward for a streak of 4.

  4. I’ll look into this.

  5. Fixed in 2.0.6.

  6. This is likely fixed in 2.0.6, it’s probably from a particular creature that has a crash-inducing ability.

  7. Hopefully fixed in 2.0.6. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPhone 6 to test it with and it’s such a strange resolution that I can’t be 100% sure until the patch is released.

  8. Probably fixed in 2.0.6 as well.

  9. Could you please take a screenshot of that crash? I haven’t seen that one yet.

  1. I probably received resources and didn’t notice. :slight_smile:

  2. I think once it happened from the Raptor Oc… and the other two times I was attacked by the Dryad Rai… if that happens to be of any use. In any case, I’ll let you know if it crops up again after that version.

  3. If memory serves either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus renders at one resolution and downsamples to another for the screen. Not sure if that could be related? But come to think of it, I suspect it is the iPhone 6 Plus that does this and I have the iPhone 6…

  4. Attached to this reply!

And because you’re so fast to respond, here’s the rest:

  1. Maybe a bug? Maybe not? Regarding character perk, Holy Defiance. Once purchased, is it always active? I have rank 5 and it seems to always kick in. Reading again, maybe that’s intended and the additional ranks have just allowed me to survive a little more beyond the 50%.

And two questions:

Q1) Is there or will there be a way to redistribute royal points? Maybe with Exalted Emblems?

Q2) I thought I read something about character specific point distribution. I’ve found general point distribution for royal points (such as a blanket bonus to attack) but nothing character specific. Of course, I may have misread. I’m rather good at that.

Q3) Given you mentioned reworking the Lich Hellcaster’s ability, how do skill changes generally apply in the game? Retroactively to existing creatures and equipment or to new? Or situationally?

As before, thanks again for a great game!

  1. Here’s an unfortunate one. I seem to be unable to enchant any of my gems. I receive this error when I try my first or second (assume third and fourth) 10 Mouth of Hell gems and also attempted on a level 10 Berserker Fiend gem I originally created quite some time ago. The index in the error seems to be consistent.

I created these Mouth of Hell gems under 2.0.2 after getting some ranks for the gem maker to make higher level gems. I then made a batch of gems and combined some around in an effort to experiment with comments elsewhere in this, including forging all the way up to one level 10 gem. I was mostly curious about the Paragon [Gem] character mentioned in another discussion and wanted to see if I could make a core (still don’t know how to do that). Since then some of these gems have been dumped in gem boxes and at least one +1 to all gems was applied from a Pandemonium Token.

Edit: Reattached, I hope? The previous attachment didn’t look like it was showing up.

Yeah, the gem crash is awful. It’s fixed in 2.0.6 and only affects iOS, but unfortunately everyone will be unable to enchant gems for about a week.

I just read the 2.0.6 patch notes and found it there. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep the notes and the lovely App Store approval lag in mind in the future.

To reply to your questions:

Holy Defiance is supposed to work that way. It’s always active, but decreases the threshold that causes it to activate.

  1. Yes, in 2.1 there will be rare items you can find that allow you to redistribute points.

  2. Character-specific refers to your actual character - your mage. That includes things like more spellbook slots, a larger mana pool, better treasure, etc.

  3. Almost all changes are retroactive.

Thanks again, Zack. :slight_smile:

  1. I probably read character at some point and thought ‘creature’.
  1. Crash on attack, divide by zero. Your poor, poor nether Blademaster leeched 10 health from the enemy.