Build-Around-Me challenge.

The game:

Post a creature-team, built around the creature mentioned by the above poster. Don’t forget to post a creature yourself for the next poster.

The rules:

1: Nether-Demons do not exist as far as the challenge is concerned.
2: Each creature must have an artifact and said artifacts stat destribution should, perferably, be mentioned aswell. That way the thread can be both fun and informative. Also, try and keep in mind that not everybody knows the abilities by name, so writing a quick description would be very considerate.
3: If spells or perks are integral to your build, you should consider making a small list for anybody who might want to try it out in reality.
4: The chain should remain unbroken. So if you want to reply to a message in this thread, please do make sure to post a build centered around the creature mentioned by the previous poster alongside your reply.
5: The team should be centered around the creature in question. This is to make the challenge more interesting and so we’ll hopefully avoid repeat builds.
6: You don’t need to actually have the creature(s) or materials in question. This is a mostly a matter of theory-crafting.
7: There is no such thing as a right or wrong attempt at a build. We’re just goofing around, after all.

Now that that has been said - Dragon Queen (Reactive Dragon Wings: After being attacked, gain 25% Luck and move to the top of the Action Queue).

Have fun! ;D

I’ve always kind of disliked the Dragon Queen because its ability is so schizopherenic - it’s a “when attacked” flag, but wants to take more turns, which defenders/provokers don’t profit from. Ah well, let’s give it a shot.


Preferably life. The Dragon race focuses very heavily around stacking consecutive buffs, so you want as much durability as possible on your Queens. A decent level of Holy Defiance (at least 10 ranks, preferably 15 for safety), some in Reinforce because you’ll be healing a lot in this build, and top off with Calmness, because really, that’s the most reliable way to prevent your face from getting rocked by Planets or some crap like that.

~- Front Row -~

Dragon Queen x 2
Reactive Dragon Wings: When this creature is attacked, gain 25% Luck and move to the top of the Action Queue.
Reroute to Remain: When this creature is attacked, deal 100% of its Luck to a random enemy creature.

I’m skipping Resilience since the Queen doesn’t have the native durability to tank like the Stronghold does. While it’s still going to spend all of its turns Provoking, now it’ll do better damage to the enemy team by staying that way. Nether Queens for this purpose should be highly focused in HP/Defense/Luck with an emphasis on the former; you can always get more Luck with more hits, but durability is much harder to boost in battle. Likewise for the artifact, which would benefit from a series of AllDef enchants plus Proficiency.

Ectoplasm Slime
Tether: Creature and all creatures in its row have Link.
Nature’s Blessing: Your creatures always have Grace and Mend.

Since Queens get enormous amounts of turns, Grace + Mend is going to be their most reliable method of healing, and the Link’s here to make sure neither one gets beat on too hard. The Slime, due to its fewer chances to proc Mend, is going to take the emphasis of the beating, so Nethers should focus on HP heavily (as well as Luck, it’s a theme), and its artifact should otherwise be concerned with inflicting lots of status afflictions, particularly Calm/Frozen/Sleep, saving targeted enemies for later.

~- Back Row -~

Doom Clutcher
Drenched in Fear: Enemy creatures can no longer deal mortal blows to your creatures, and glancing blows deal only 1 damage.
Enchantment: Creature deals more damage equal to 150% of the amount of luck greater than its target.

Native 17 Luck / 19 Speed make this thing almost as good a sniper as the Spider Occultist; focus its Gems heavily on Topaz, its Artifact on Luck and Proficiency, and use this to take out what you consider too dangerous to live. Drenched in Fear multiplies the Queens’ survival rate tremendously, as their increasing Luck means more glancing blows and turns those glancing blows into nothing.

Nightmare Mummy
Curse of the Silent: Your creatures never deal glancing blows, and their mortal blows deal 50% more damage.
Lifebane: After attacking, inflict Jinx on target for 5 turns.

A necessary support creature. Since this isn’t a DPS creature, focus it on HP/Defense/Luck like normal, with its artifact emphasizing status (but not Calm/Frozen, because you want things to kill themselves with Jinx). Use this on enemy attackers to force them to kill themselves even harder on the Queens. Silent is needed so that Warp Reality and Vilify don’t instantly emasculate you.

Priest of Radiance
Radiant Eclipse: Your creatures have 40% more luck.
Lifebane: You and your opponent can no longer cast spells in battle.

More Jinx and a general party buff. You know the drill, HP/Defense/Luck with lots of nice status enchants, emphasis on Sap/Disease/Disarm as these hobble attackers the most.



No such damn thing, you’re running Curse of the Silent.



Have the Queens provoke while the Clutcher snipes major threats, like Faith Hunters or Frenzy Ghouls. The Priest and Mummy should focus on sabotaging enemy attackers, while the Slime smacks things you just don’t want playing at all, not yet.

I wouldn’t call this a terribly awesome build, but it’ll do fine for awhile.

This was done at the same time as the one above, but I included the next creature ;), so here goes:

Dragon Queen: x2
Reactive Dragon Wings: After being attacked, gain 25% Luck and move to the top of the Action Queue
Spider Occultist
Enhancement: Deals more damage equal to 150% of the luck it has greater than its target.

Witch Doctor Sacrificer:
Blood Dance: While this creature defends, it takes 100% more damage from all attacks, but your other creatures take 1 damage from all attacks. Does not affect other creatures that also have this ability. (reworded for clarification for new players)
Cloak and Dagger: After defending, become invisible. Deal 200% more damage while Invisible but lose the buff after attacking.

Clairvoyant Spirit:
Abnegation: Your creatures have additional Attack, Luck and Defence equal to 15% of your power balance. (max 45% at 300% power balance).
Cloak and Dagger: After defending, become invisible. Deal 200% more damage while Invisible but lose the buff after attacking.

Celestial Idol:
Celestial Furnace: After defending, deal damage to all enemies equal to 20% of their Current Health.
Cloak and Dagger: After defending, become invisible. Deal 200% more damage while Invisible but lose the buff after attacking.

Priest of Radiance:
Radiant Eclipse: Your Creatures have 50% more Luck.
Cloak and Dagger: After defending, become invisible. Deal 200% more damage while Invisible but lose the buff after attacking.

You would want all luck on your Dragon Queen artifacts, all speed on your witch doctor artifact, and preferably speed on the others as well, so they go invisible before the enemies attack. That way all attacks hit your Dragon Queens.

Next up: Nightmare Golem with the ability Bad Dreams: After attacking, afflict the target with Sleep, If target already has Sleep, deal 300% more damage to it.

As pointed out by Vagrant, any luck build will get punished hard by spells in their current form, so you could always go with a nightmare mummy instead of the Celestial Idol for a better team composition.

VagrantSun is, indeed, a very naughty boy for forgetting to namedrop a creature. Very naughty. Love his build though, it’s seems to be quite a bit of fun for when you’re bored and the idea of giving the Dragons Mend to take advantage of the extra turns is just cool. Now, as for the Nightmare Golem:

Class: Warlock/Chaos.
This is entirely for the sake of the Abolist perk (4% chance per rank to dispell a random buff on the target when attacking), so you can sneak past Barriers and Shells, and the Bloodbath/Sadistic Pleasure perks, for increased damage. Although Abolish is clearly the most important one as this build depends a lot on your golems getting through.

Nightmare Golem: x2
Bad Dreams: After attacking, afflict target with Sleep. If target is already asleep, deal 300% damage.
Dark Braze: This creature grants the Attack and Luck from its artifact to all creatures in the same row.
These guys should have some slight Speed enchantments, apart from that it’s all attack and maybe a Proffeciency buff. To make sure that they’ll move before the Golem below, so they can inflict Sleep on select targets for him. Sure, you could just make them Dark Brim Smiths with the Bad Dreams ability; but the Golems look cooler! They deal very decent damage too, on sleeping targets that is.

Nightmare Golem:
Bad Dreams: After attacking, afflict target with Sleep. If target is already asleep, deal 300% damage.
Midnight Feast: Whenever this creature kills another creature it gains Multistrike, regains 50% HP and can attack again.
This guy is the bees knees and the dog’s biscuit! Hitting enemies for tons upon tons of damage, provided they’re asleep, and spreading said damage all over the place thanks to the Splash buff - only to get to attack again. Build him and his artifacts all for Attack and throw some Proffeciency on him while you’re at it. You’re obviously going to want to put him between the other golems.

Cinder Devil:
A Little Piece of Hell: All your surrounding creatures have Splash.
Topaz Attunement: Your creatures get to attack first and have Critical for 1 round.
Helps splash damage all over the place for Midnight Feast and lets your otherwise pretty slow team act first. He’s only really here for support, but you can give him a ton of attack if need be.

Raven Acolyte:
Everything’s Gone: All creatures start at 65% health.
Thunderheart: Inflicts Stun and Stagger on all the enemies, for two turns, upon death.
He’s here to die, and to make sure the enemy team dies quicker. Keep on provoking with him and try and keep his speed as high as possible, but his defenses and health silly-low.

Nightmare Mummy
Curse of the Silent: Spells can’t be cast.
In Plain Veiw: All your creatures start combat with Shell.
Shell is very crucial when you’ve got a Raven Acolyte on your team and you don’t want the enemy casting spells and whatnot. His greatest strenght lies in being a “Nightmare”; because looks are important. Boost his health to the roof, to avoid Splash damage from killing him when the enemy kills Raven Acolyte.

The plan is pretty simple: Provoke with the Acolyte, constantly - infect two choice targets with Sleep using the two Dark Braze Golems and make sure not to kill them through Splash - have the Midnight Feast Golem eat the sleeping targets, who shouldn’t be connected, and pow-wow your way to victory.

The build dosen’t use Frostfire Embodiment (your creatures gain extra attack bassed on how much health they’ve lost) because of Midnight Feast healing your main attacker.

EDIT: Jeebus, almost forgot to post the next creature… umm, well, since we’re on the topic of sleep: Dreamweaver Djinn - Lucid Dream: Your creatures always have Sleep and take 50% less damage, but deal 30% less damage too. They can attack while sleeping.

I’ll try my hand on this one.

A few thoughts on the Dreamweaver first off: Lucid Dream allows you to attack, but you still can’t defend or provoke. This means that you can’t rely on a tank or Blood Dance to keep you alive. Nerfing both damage that you take and receive means that you benefit a bit more from abilities that benefit you more as fights drag on. That, and you start with a debuff on your entire team, which is going to actually be rather fun…

Djinn Dreamweaver
Lucid Dream: Your creatures always have sleep. While asleep, they can still attack, and deal 30% less damage and take 50% less damage.
Nature’s Blessing: Your creatures always have Grace and Mend.
The healing from grace/mend is effectively more potent when you’re taking half damage from attacks. Probably should build tanky on this guy, since if he keels over you’re left with a bunch of sleeping creatures, which isn’t good.

Pulse Bat
Epidemic: After attacking, transfer this creature’s debuffs to the target and gain 40% attack for each debuff transferred.
In Flames: Your creatures recover health from Burn instead of taking damage. Creature starts battle with Burn for 5 turns.

Pulse Bat
Epidemic: After attacking, transfer this creature’s debuffs to the target and gain 40% attack for each debuff transferred.
Venom Inoculation: Your creatures recover health from Poison instead of taking damage. Creature starts battle with Poison5 for 5 turns.
I actually had to test this, but -yes-, you can transfer sleep from the Dreamweaver via Epidemic, and the bat will re-gain the sleep at the end of his turn. Each bat will get an 80% attack boost after its first turn, and another 40% for every attack thereafter. Plus, hey, poison and burn damage. They’re your attackers, so build them thus.

Nightmare Golem
Bad Dreams: After attacking, afflict target with Sleep. If target is already asleep, deal 300% damage.
Ashes to Ashes: Your creatures always have MoltenArmor.
May as well capitalize on all that sleep that the bats are spreading. Also, might as well buff them even more. Anoother attacker, build thus.

Nightmare Mummy
Curse of the Silent: Neither you nor your opponents may cast spells.
Subversion: Your enemies always have Blight.
Support to carry some needed abilities. You don’t want enemies recovering from your poison/burn, and you’re the only one allowed to benefit from mending over the course of the battle, drat it. Spells are also bad, m’kay?

Chrysaor’s Ambition: If one of your creatures would die from an attack, reduce damage by 50% and inflict it on this creature instead.
Healing Touch: This creature recovers 3% health at the start of its turn for each buff and debuff your creatures have.
The tank that doesn’t need to provoke. Healing Touch looks good with this setup, since between Sleep, MoltenArmor, Grace, and Mend, all of your creatures are going to have at least four statuses on them at all times. Plus Grace multiplying that. On top of Mend. And Grace on Mend. Obviously, this thing needs lots of health.

Blight would screw this team so hard, but it still looks fun. I can’t verify how well it works since I lack some of the legendaries needed, but looks cool nonetheless.

My challenge: Abaddon Guard. Has Sidewinder: After attacking, gain AssaultStance (+50% attack and luck). After defending or provoking, gain GuardStance (+50% defense and luck). After being attacked, gain FuryStance (+75% attack).

He sounded good to me until I realized that he can only be in one stance at a time. Still, interested to see if anyone can do something with him.

I’ll give Abaddon a shot, though I’m just going to do the obvious schtick.


Nature, because there’s no room for a Topaz Attunement in this build, and if you start taking hits you’re probably done. Raid is a must. Also, have maxed Power Balance.


Abaddon Guard
Sidewinder: When attacking, gain AssaultStance. When defending or provoking, gain GuardStance. When attacked, gain FuryStance.
Death’s Advance: Gain attack equal to 30% of the creatures’ attack to the left and right of this creature.

Your vanguard. Give him Attack, all the way; whatever he hits is going to die.


Abaddon Guard (2)
Sidewinder: When attacking, gain AssaultStance. When defending or provoking, gain GuardStance. When attacked, gain FuryStance.
Angel’s Horror: Gain 50% of Luck as Attack.

These two flank your central Guard, and exist largely for the purpose of buffing him - but honestly, they’re going to deal excellent damage on their own, just not showstopping amounts. Focus their artifacts on Attack, once again, as the luck is mainly a side benefit from the hellacious buffing we’ll be doing farther down, but don’t forget to add at least one Speed enchant; they need to be faster than their captain.


Cinder Devil
A Little Piece of Hell: Gives itself and all surrounding creatures Splash.
Emerald Attunement: Ignore defend/provoke, deal damage as if your creatures had 50% more Attack.

Your central buffer, here to ensure that your strikes deal plenty of collateral damage. Give him status and use him to knock off Shell or disable annoyers.


Volatile Phoenix
Lifebinder: All creatures have +30% Attack/Luck/Defense while none of your creatures are dead.
Abnegation: Your creatures gain 15% of your Power Balance as a bonus to Attack/Luck/Defense.

Your secondary buffer, boosting both attack and luck at the same time, the latter of which feeds into your flank Guards again - feeding Death’s Advance on the central Guard.


Elder Ent
Stonebark Whetstone: Your mortal blows deal 50% more damage, and never do glancing blows.
Radiant Eclipse: All your creatures gain 40% Luck.

The last touch on the Luck buffing. The Whetstone mainly ensures that it’ll be put to good use.

This is thoroughly a suicide build. Either you kill the enemy team on your round or you die horribly. This said, the end damage potential is - considerable, most likely. I’d have to test it out myself to ascertain it.

Challenge: STONE DEVIL.