Burn Bugs? PS4

PS4 version - latest (2.4.3?)

Burn sometimes increments stack count on creatures after their turn, and sometimes it doesn’t. If it fails to increase stack count, it will on the second turn taken. This only occurs for the transition of Burn to Burn1 (first stack accruement). This is intermittent. Invisibility (unsure if related) also has odd and similar behaviors with when it is removed (sometimes at the start of an enemy’s turn, sometimes at the end, sometimes not at all!).

Also, applying further Burn does not increment stack count.

What’s the intended functionality for this debuff?

Currently, I avoid using Burn because of the intermittent start up, and lack of ability to increase stack count with additional applications. The start up time to truly see damage (2 or 3 stacks) is simply not worth it.

Tested with:
New game, random creatures, castle quests on.
Creature: Pyromancer Efreet (starts with Burn)

Results: Facing two of these creatures, on turn 1 they both healed for 8 damage. When it was my turn, I hovered over the attack on each, one had Burn1, the other had Burn. Upon the second turn, Burn1 healed 16 damage and incremented to Burn2, Burn healed 8 damage and incremented to Burn1.

These should have been equivalent stacks.

This occurs when using an artifact or ability to apply Burn as well. Firewound Angel (Tier 1 creature) is another easy test.

Apply Burn to enemy. Enemy takes turn, takes x damage.
Second turn: enemy takes turn, takes x damage (instead of 2x damage)
Third turn: enemy takes turn, takes 2x damage (instead of 3x damage)

Lastly - the ability of Raging Efreet only uses the current damage of the Burn debuff, rather than the total damage the creature would take, then removes it.
A creature on Burn that takes 8 damage will take 40 from the removal of Burn (5 turns)
The same creature with Burn1 would take 16 damage will take 80 from the removal of Burn1 (again, 5 turns, but shouldn’t it be 4 now?)

It’s actually a bit counter-productive to attack a creature with Burn using Raging Efreet unless you’ll get an immediate kill via the buff removal. The ability states it would deal the full amount of damage of the debuff, but this isn’t the case. It actually deals (current debuff damage) x (debuff time (ceiling 10)). Or it possibly just assumes 5, regardless of actual debuff duration.

In the above example, the maximum damage with no additional input should be:
Sum of -
Burn: 8
Burn1: 16
Burn2: 32
Burn3: 64
Burn4: 128
= 248

I am pretty sure Burn stacks aren’t supposed to increase if you continue applying the debuff, so that’s correct. The Raging Efreet ability is likely bugged if it’s only applying damage based on the current stack, though. Burn should also start as Burn1 as you pointed out, so that’s a bug as well. It’s possible that only -some- effects that apply burn have this bug.

Invisibility is affected by a lot of different abilities and spells which will give you different results, but from a few quick tests it appears to be working as intended.

Thanks for the clarification about Burn!

For Invisibility, Willow Spirit is a good test. The ability on it says it goes Invisible for 1 turn after being attacked, but it frequently lasts longer than this. It’s very arbitrary when it wears off (or seemingly so). Sometimes it vanishes at the start of the Willow Spirit’s turn, sometimes at the end of the Willow Spirit’s turn, and other times, not at all. I’ve seen them take 2 turns whilst still Invisible. I loathe Willow Spirits for this very inconsistency - frequently I’m left defending turn after turn waiting for it to reappear. The only thing that saves my sanity on these guys at higher levels are debuffs like Scorn, Burn, Poison, and Bleed. A group of 3+ is an immediate Fire Storm from me.

Contrastringly, if I use the artifact property “Gain Invisibility when hit”, it immediately wears off at the start of that creature’s turn. The only thing it does is prevent that creature from being attacked multiple times in a given round. And I guess that’s “okay”, but it’s a lowish % chance to happen, so it’s not even that useful.

Awesome work with S1 again. I sing it’s praises to all my friends, and highly looking forward to S2!

I’ve experienced this, as well. I thought it was due to the effect being applied just before it gets its turn (i.e. one of your creatures just attacked the Willow Spirit, now it’s its turn). But it didn’t happen every time, so I don’t really know what’s up with that.

The duration of those buffs is decided randomly, so sometimes it’ll end by the time it gets to be that creature’s turn and other times it’ll persist for a turn or two. In most other cases, Invisibility will end at the start of a creature’s turn.

Are you talking about Invisibility or other buffs? Because in the case of Willow Spirits, the ability says “After being attacked, get Invisible for 1 turn.” That means that the Invisibility should stop right as a Willow Spirit gets its turn, which is sometimes not the case.