Burst of Power Trait Doesn't Match Description

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Bug or incorrect trait description.

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The Burst of Power trait (found on Lightning Cerberus) behaves differently than the description of the trait.

The trait states that “each of its non-temporary Spell Gems that can have the Cast On Hit or Cast When Hit properties have a 20% chance to be cast.” I’m not sure if the description is wrong, or if the trait just isn’t checking if the Spell Gem can have one of those properties and is instead checking if the trait does have one.

Based on my testing, only Spell Gems that actually have a Cast On Hit or Cast When Hit property are cast by this trait. I tried 6 different gems that I believe can have a Cast On Hit or Cast When Hit property:

[ol][li]Fiery Gleam (no properties) - Never Cast[/li]
[li]Flamestrike (no properties) - Never Cast[/li]
[li]Molten Armor (X% Cast On Death) - Never Cast[/li]
[li]Hellcry Punch (no properties) - Never Cast[/li]
[li]Immolation Aura (13% Cast On Hit) - Did Cast[/li]
[li]Shield Bash (12% Cast When Hit) - Did Cast[/li][/ol]

I included the Cast When Hit gem to make sure that the Cast On Hit wasn’t just triggering normally. I had 3-4 of these Spell Gems equipped at a time and attacked at least 20 times, and only the spells that already had one of the properties were cast.

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Windows 10

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You’re right, it’s behaving just like you explained! I’ll fix this for the next patch. Thanks!